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Welcome to my blog, Solomon's Conservative Wisdom. The name of this blog comes from my middle name and the historical & biblical figure King Solomon. This group is dedicated to conservatism, and I invite all conservatives to join, I really don’t mind non-conservatives joining. All I expect is a respectful debate. So tell everyone you know.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teen Pregnancy

This is a follow up to my post, One Degree of Separation, on These Stories, I was looking at a friend's website, Online breaking news-Latest breaking news, and their current post, Shocking Discovery: 10-yr-old girls can be pregnant, was on teen pregnancy, specifically England and Wales. It reminded me of something I had seen a few years ago on snopes.com about a five-year-old Peruvian girl who is the youngest mother on record, you can find the story here, (A word of warning: I am not directly linking to the story due to an image of the girl on the main page.) I wonder if the progressives or Planned Parenthood think that sex education would have prevented that poor girls situation? I wouldn't be surprised if their answer is yes. The problem we have in society at the moment (in this issue) is over sexualisation children, the progressives encouraging of loose values and sex ed class that tell way too much in how to do it and little in the way of the true consequences, and the death of personal responsibility when it comes to moral values. Again for Planned Parenthood they have two reasons for their actions, progressive values and profit motives. Parents need to be more active in their children's lives, and if I might take this some where else all children need in general a mother and father figure not just one or the other, I believe my favorite Judge, Judge Joe Brown has been speaking about this for sometime now.


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