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Welcome to my blog, Solomon's Conservative Wisdom. The name of this blog comes from my middle name and the historical & biblical figure King Solomon. This group is dedicated to conservatism, and I invite all conservatives to join, I really don’t mind non-conservatives joining. All I expect is a respectful debate. So tell everyone you know.

Monday, March 8, 2010

We Christians don't Want to Restrict Science.

If you've heard it once, you've heard a million times from the left and progressives, Christians
want to restrict science and scientific research, but that is just the propaganda that the left wing,
progressives, and some atheists want others to believe. The truth is far more disturbing for them,it has been Christians who have pushed the scientific development for the last millennium at the least, this disturbs the left, progressives, and some atheists. To start with I will go back to the beginnings of Christianity, I used an episode of Ancient Discoveries, Machines of the Gods, as
reference for this, as more and more people became Christians the priests of the temples in the
Roman Empire requested the engineers and scientists of their time design and develop
contraptions & machines to fool the people in to believing in their gods were active in the
temples or would make themselves known in the temple, one of the contraptions I found
interesting was a wooden box that was filled with metal spheres with bumps on them designed to
make a sound like thunder, it was to be used we people were in the temple to trick them in to
believing the gods were making themselves known. There were several other automatons that
preformed actions that were designed to appear to be miracles preformed by the "gods," statues
that would drink, cry tears of blood, be attracted to each other, and dance, these statues used
mechanics we are used to today and even common people know how they work. Now before I
move on to the next era, I want to correct a common miss conception many believe that the
Roman Empire ended in 476AD this isn't exactly accurate, while the western half collapsed in
476AD the eastern half continued on and became known as Byzantine Empire in the west due to
a modern convention, but their documents and other items with the relevant information describe themselves as Rome, Romans, and the Roman Empire or Romania, this remnant of the Empire eventually fell to the Ottoman Turks, today Modern Turkey, in 1461AD just 31 years before Columbus's Voyage, and it was the fall of the western half of Rome that plunged Europe into the Dark Ages and created the image of Christians as science retarders, except they forget the Eastern half of Rome, Christan, continued and made and continued scientific research. That is my first shot across the bow of the other side. And a for a second shot, it was the Christian
monks who preserved the knowledge of the previous era, monasteries were established which
were the universities of their day, centers of science, learning, medicine and law, able to
communicate with each other by well-developed networks, and capable of diffusing knowledge
with remarkable efficiency. The life of the polymath scholar monk Bede is just one example of
the intellectual revolution wrought by the spread of Christianity.

Now I want to fire another shot across the bow of the other side, this time in reference to
Columbus's Voyage, to start out with when Christopher Columbus was trying to get funding and
support for his voyage, what he was coming up against wasn’t an uneducated belief in a flat Earth actually many if those in the Church believed the Earth was round, it was what they believed was in between Europe and Asia that had most against the trip. Most believed that there was a great ocean between Europe and Asia with little or no land between the two, Columbus believed that ocean was small, perhaps the size of the Atlantic Ocean as we know it today. It was this belief that lead most to travel the long route to Asia by following the coasts of Africa to Asia. As a matter of fact the well-known argument at the Council of Salamanca was about the dubious distance between Europe and Japan which Columbus presented, there was no issue of the shape of the Earth. And in fact why the Native Americans were originally known as Indians was because Columbus and others believed he had arrived in the Indies in Asia initially.

The birth of the view of Columbus being a lone believer of a spherical Earth fighting against a
united front of superstitious ignoramuses was born from Washington Irving’s book/story The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, which was a mix of fact and fiction. I will have more on this issue and the other sides claims latter.

Throughout history it has been the Christians who have chased science to discover how the
wonders of God's Divine Creations work. Today the issue most Christians and conservatives
have now on the current scientific development is the dangers and risks that come from
experiments that could endanger all of humanity, and I will use zombies to prove my point, yes
zombies. One of my favorite game series is called Resident Evil, Biohazard in Japan, if you haven't seen or played the game series before you should check it out if you can handle a mature game, note I'm only using the game series not the movie series, or just check out the link to the Resident Evil Wiki and read the plot of the series and individual games, anyway the first game has elements of the classic horror movie Night of the Living Dead, unlike the original movie and the remake the living dead have a more scientific explanation and aren't just restricted to humans, of coarse the source of the zombies is illegal scientific experiments committed by scientists and a big Pharm. Corporation, but the heads of that corporation are immoral, and are seeking power and immorality, the Ashford family, specifically Alexia Ashford, Ozwell E. Spencer, William Birkin, Albert Wesker, James Marcus, now in the game series the source of the zombies, this link is to the game's explanation of them, and other mutations is a virus called the T-Virus, it’s a fictional viral mutagen created from immoral experiments, it basically kills a human hosts higher brain functions turning the host’s body in to a carnivorous bestial zombie, it’s full mutagenic nature can be seen in the animals that it mutates. In the first and latter games it is reference that the events of the first game, infecting the employees of the mansion lab, were purposely intended to test their biological weapons, by putting the characters of S.T.A.R.S. against their biological weapons to test these creatures. The first game is set in a fictional mountain range in the midwestern US near the fictional town Racoon City of the game series, most of the game takes place in a Mansion / lab complex where the illegal experiments took place, in later games it's revealed there are other research facilities, Ironically the human villains of the game are seeking an evolutionary superiority by using the T-Virus and its offspring viruses. Resident Evil is a good example of what human hubris could create.

Now as to my point about using a fictional scenario as an example many writers have written
warnings and predictions about the future in stories, both on the left and the right, and while Resident Evil was never intended as such it is still a story line to consider in the debate of the risks of what science could create.

Next I will best explain this article with another example this one about nuclear power, how
many times have we on the conservative side heard the left and environmentalists use Chernobyl as an example of why we shouldn't do nuclear power, well I not only have a very good answer to that, but an argument that will disarm their’s. Its not a very good example, first unlike the Soviets who just jumped into building a nuclear reactor we actually built small experimental nuclear reactors, in remote places first to test how to do nuclear power and thanks to that we experienced the first nuclear power plant accident, the SL-1 reactor, a mini Chernobyl if you will, where the operators lost their lives, but thanks to their sacrifice and testing in small scale in remote places we knew how NOT to build a nuclear reactor which payed off in Three Mile Island , which you liberals, progressives, and environmentalists also like to use as an example for why not to build nuclear power, but in reality it proves we know what we were doing. You can find about other early US Nuclear Reactors under the Army Nuclear Power Program.

All we Christians want if, for example, is to fully test adult stem cells first before butchering the
unborn for experiments. Look all we want is for science to try to be moral in doing things, as
well as careful, do we really want to repeat the actions of the Nazi scientists and doctors, (see Nazi Experiments) or the Tuskegee experiments?

Throughout the last two thousand years Christians have struggled to improve the human
condition, have there been Christians who wanted to hold the people back, yes and no, yes in the
fact that every human has free-will and with that free-will the ability to chose their own path and make their own choices between good and evil actions, and some will view technology as evil or bad such as the Amish, does that make them a bad group of people, and also in terms of people claiming to be Christians and their actions are the opposite of their supposed beliefs. And No in the fact that it has been Christians who have pushed technology forward, as I pointed out earlier non-Christians have been just as guilty of the crime the left accuses us of, as well as some modern non-Christians.


P.S. Also there is much scientific and medical knowledge found in the bible I just didn't have the time or patience to cover it in this article, also since I mentioned Ancient Discoveries earlier and referenced an episode I want to reference another episode for people to watch, Lost Science of the Bible. Interesting don't you think?

And finally I might do a review of the Resident Evil games, from my conservative perspective, if anyone is interested? I am also up to debating the game it self, including the end of the third game with the Nuking of the fictional city of Racoon over run by the infection.

1 comment:

  1. Since you like hypotheticals....

    What if there was a [perceived] Christian church/organization - a very large and politically powerful one - that was actually controlled by Lucifer himself and numerous other fallen angels?

    What if it taught just enough Truth to mask its more obvious agenda with just a semblance of actual Christianity?

    What if it had the single largest and most affluent denominational membership on Earth?

    What if it sometimes used stealth but even occasionally even openly murdered "True Believers" - if the politics of the times would allow it?

    What if it had vast stores of wealth and used this to acquire and manipulate: the banks, the corporations, the political parties, and their leaders?

    What if it sent its own agents into other denominations to infiltrate and work their way up into key church positions and thus to control even them?

    What if it conspired with the kings of the Earth and all other human governments to set up a New World Order of Political and then Religious Control through implementing a Worldwide System of Statist Fascism?

    What if it was at war with God for thousands of years and even pre-dated The Flood?

    What if there truly was, "A Babylon The Great" and The Bible was telling The Truth?

    What if this Luciferian Elite has been very selectively editing our science: books, texts, and journals for two purposes... to prevent overall belief in God and to maintain their power through advanced knowledge which the majority doesn't have access to?

    Of course, if that were hypothetically true - then I'd expect Earth's history under such a system to remain quite identical to our own.... Isn't that strange?


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