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Welcome to my blog, Solomon's Conservative Wisdom. The name of this blog comes from my middle name and the historical & biblical figure King Solomon. This group is dedicated to conservatism, and I invite all conservatives to join, I really don’t mind non-conservatives joining. All I expect is a respectful debate. So tell everyone you know.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Senseless Murders, the Reaction to It, and the Question of Guns.

    With the senseless murder of twenty children people who mean well and those who don’t now move to limit the God given rights of self defense. The truth here can not be ignored while a great tragedy this move against the rights of the people is the wrong one. Many who now think because twenty children were murdered in cold blood it means that the problem is a thing made of plastic and metal, but they fail to realized that thing made of plastic and metal have saved more lives then murdered senselessly. The fact is an inanimate object has the same power in the hands of a good man as a bad. We should not let the actions of the bad man that are horrible allow us to strike down our rights, think of it what if some Neo-Nazi got a crowd of sympathetic thugs to commit a horrible unspeakable crime and these same people demanding the limitation of your gun rights started say it was time to reign in free speech as the people no longer need it as it
causes to much damage.

    With freedom comes responsibilities and with those responsibilities there are consequences if you drop the ball. For years now many have left the education of their kid’s knowledge of guns come from Hollywood and games like grand theft auto which glorifies the violence of being a criminal. For years parents have bought their kids what ever they wanted not even caring what the game was about. Not even thinking of the disturbing nature that some games and films can contain in them, that they themselves would never watch. Worse still some will completely ignore warning signs that something is wrong with their child. Now don’t get me wrong I hold the person responsible for their actions, which is one of the things being left out of
this conversation on a whole.

    And as someone who played Doom and a few other games with violence blaming another inanimate object this time made up of bets and bits instead of plastic and metal is just as bad. I’m also going to tell you straight out the problem lies with the parents not those who made some film or game, after all the parents are the gate keepers to their children. If anyone should be held responsible for horrible actions  Those who prefer to be the best friend then the parent should be the ones held responsible when the children they allowed to get away with anything commit wrong. 

    Lastly for those who still believe the problem is the inanimate object made of plastic and metal. As a aspiring writer I offer you this alternate universe version of what could have happened;

On Friday Adam Lanza drove his mother’s car, which he had packed with explosives made from common household chemicals, into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. taking his own life and killing twenty children and six adults.

Or how about this one;

On Friday Adam Lanza drove his mother’s car to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. using handmade smoke grenades packed with common household chemicals that became a deadly lethal gas when broken managed to kill twenty children and six adults and take his own life in the precess.

    Now tell me if we lived in those universes should we ban the car or the household chemicals or both? The truth is disturbed people, mentally ill people, and evil people will always take actions we can not understand, like, and desire to stop from happening again. But you need to ask yourself this question, “If there is a Devil, would he prefer the people be vulnerable to the criminals who commit violence or be armed against them and capable to defend themselves?“ It should also be noted that criminals still break the very laws that say they can’t own or posses a firearm just as drug users and dealers break the very laws that say they can’t posses crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, PCP, or LSD. Again a question should be asked here “If there is a being that personifies evil would it advocate the following of laws or the break of those laws, and if it advocate's the breaking of laws those who fallows that impulse would they be a danger to those who follow the law?”


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