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Welcome to my blog, Solomon's Conservative Wisdom. The name of this blog comes from my middle name and the historical & biblical figure King Solomon. This group is dedicated to conservatism, and I invite all conservatives to join, I really don’t mind non-conservatives joining. All I expect is a respectful debate. So tell everyone you know.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A mall in California bans God talk.

The Galleria Mall in Roseville, California has a problem with people talking about God. Read the story Here.


Atheists' 'hate' sign blasted in lawsuit

Its about time someone took that Atheist hate sign to task, read the story Here.


New Pages.

I have added two pages to my Blog, a Links page and an Ads page.

The links page has links to other websites of interest, other conservative blogs, other blogs of interest, news sites, conservative talk shows, and other websites of interest or that I find interesting.

And the Ads page has all of the text ads that did't have a banner.


Truck Driver Blames Chili for Crashing Into Home

Seriously, if you are driving don't eat! And don't blame the food!

Here is a link to the story, LINK.


PETA vs. Punxsutawney Phil, Here We Go Again.

First I want to say I am getting sick and tired of PETA and their antics, the only reason I am discussing them is because I can't seem to avoid this story. The best way to end their antics is to treat them like someone who wants attention, ignore them.


Climate Chief Knew of False Glacier Claims Before Copenhagen

More on the lie of Global Warming and what they hide, Here.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here is a horrible story from New Zealand.

This is a good example of people who need to be watched or locked away for a long time, this story is a bit disturbing, Cops: New Zealand Man Killed Neighbor's 30 Dogs, Puppies.


What is going on in society today?

This is one of those stories that makes you ask the question, somehow I just can't wait to here her "excuse", read the story Here.


Joy Behar's comments on the Tim Tebow Pro Life Ad to air during Super Bowl.

Let me get this right Joy, abortion is fine because a child might become a rapist, pedophile, or murderer? But we can't execute a rapist, pedophile, or murderer because they are a living human being? Where is the logic in that argument? A simple question for a progressive.


Remains Identified as Missing Florida Lottery Winner

I have been watching this story on this Florida Lottery Winner and it just goes to show if you get a large sum of money you should do one of two things, give it to charity or place it in some kind of secure saving account, or you could do both. Either way this is a sad story to happen to the Lottery Winner and his family. Oh, and if there is anyone with a criminal history who is not reformed, avoid them like the Plague.

Link to the most recent story, Here.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Muslim Parents of Ohio Christian Convert Reject Resolution

If you don't remember about this case from a few months ago you should check it out, LINK, now her parents are claming children services are permitting her to communicate with the pastor and his wife who helped her run away last summer. If you ask me I think they just can't stand that she became a Christian and want to undo that, but that's just my thoughts.


Update on James O'Keefe

Here is an update on the situation with James O'Keefe and friends, LINK.

Interestingly, now that I think about this, it kind of reminds me of that scene in Ghostbusters 2, with the Ghostbusters digging a hole in the middle of the road. Just a thought.

I do think though they have a good chance of an acquittal or hung jury.


They're making the same mistake again. Russia Unveils Stealth Fighter.

They're Making the same mistake again, first take a look at this story here, now what makes me angry is the fact that we have been through this before, back before and during World War Two the US Government and Military made several fatal mistakes when it came to technology, first was the B-17 Flying Fortress before the flight of Andrei Tupolev’s Ant-25 to the US, this shocked the US government officials into continuing the B-17 program which congress was on the verge of canceling. The next was the government officials attitude on jet technology while Germany, Brittan, Russia, and Japan was working on some kind of jet technology the US military and others thought it was impossible, it wasn’t until April 1941 when Hap Arnold, Chief of the Army Air Corps, was in England and asked his host, in effect "You know, some of my technical people are telling me, as odd as this my sound, that perhaps we should be looking at gas turbines." and the answer he gets is "Absolutely, do you want to see our airplane?" He was shown the Gloucester Whittle prototype of the E.28/39 turbojet, it was at that moment he realized the huge mistake that was made, that they had missed the opportunity for the US to be equal or superior to others jet programs, they missed one US designed jet in 1939-1940, the Lockheed L-133, {you can find images of what it would have looked like here}, and the third was the arrogant view of Japan, that they were incapable of building a fighter equal or superior to those of the west, and later in the war that Japan could build or develop jet technology, as history has shown that view was very wrong.

At this point its not the US Military that I am afraid of repeating these mistakes, its the Obama Administration who doesn't get it, as Zell Miller said about John Karry in his Speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention, I ask the same "This is the man who wants to be the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces? U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?" We will be playing catch up agin if we don't slap down this Progressive Movement and the pansies in government when it comes to our Military and Brave Soldiers. These are the same types that let our ships in Pearl Harbor have no fuel.

Tell Congress and the Obama Administration dont follow in the steps of Neville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter, allow the Millitary to get and develop the weapons it needs, And bring back the National Missile Defense!


If you haven't all ready check out a similar post I have on this subject, Something Disturbing.

In case you want to relive Zell Miller's Speech here are the links to it, its in three parts, Pt 1 of 3, Pt 2 of 3, Pt 3 of 3.

And if you are wondering about what Japan was developing try this website out, Hikoki: 1946.
Also, this website might also be of interest, Luftwaffe 46, about Germany's advanced aircraft designs.

Christianity Coverts Ask U.S. for Help.

I first saw this on Fox News the other day.

This is the problem in the Middle East if you are a Christian or Jew you literally have a target painted on you, and if you dare leave Islam then its even worse for you. Untill the moderate forces of Islam root out the extremists nothing is realy going to change in the War on Terror.


Another good reason for the Death Penalty

This story here is why the Death Penalty exists, now if we could only get rid of the liberals and progressives who want to free the guilty and kill the innocent.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here is something that reminds me of something Edgar Allan Poe wrote.

Here is a story that reminds me of the story "The Premature Burial" by Edgar Allan Poe.
The man was very close to being buried alive.


Update on James O'Keefe's "Current Project"

Ok, there are a lot of rumors going around and misinformation by the Dems, but I think I am starting to get an idea of what O'Keefe was up to. It looks like he was checking to see if the phone lines at Sen. Mary Landrieu's office were rerouted to a dead line for callers who were complaining about the health care bill, basically if you called you would not get through because they "cut" the line to that phone. Now if this is true I don't know what criminal issues he and his crew might be facing but it will not be felonies.

I just know there is a lot more waiting in the wings to come out on this. I really don't see this as some kind of Watergate.


Obama's State of the Union Speech.

I watched/listened Obama's State of the Union Speech last night, and there was the same liberal and progressive ideas with powdered sugar to try and get the people to eat it, not going to happen Mr. President.

Really it was just boring, the commentary on fox afterword was more interesting, he's just like one of those old move monsters he looks interesting initially but it quickly becomes apparent its all hype.

Anything more on his speech would just be a waste.


Nuclear Power & a Secret You Don't Know About

There is a dirty secret when it comes to Nuclear Power that the political class and environmentalists are hiding from the people, they have been suppressing superior technology and nuclear power plant designs.

First I want to cover some basics for the general public, first a nuclear power plant produces power from steam, basically it’s a high-tech steam engine, the standard reactor produces power by converting water to steam to run the power generators. There are two types of these reactors the Pressurized Water Reactor and the Boiling Water Reactor the two methods run on a similar principle of steam power except the Pressurized Reactor keeps water under pressure so that it heats, but does not boil, water from the reactor and the water in the steam generator that is turned into steam never mix, and the Boiling Reactor actually boils the water, and is converted to steam, and then recycled back into water by a part called the condenser, to be used again (I have included diagrams of both reactor courtesy of the federal government), this is where the dirty secret comes in to play the approximated fuel efficiency of a water cooled reactor is less than 1%, yes that’’s right less then 1%, if this was a car, truck, or SUV they would be demanding they improve that rating. But they don’’t, first they have no love for any kind nuclear technology, especially the left.

Pressurized Water Reactor

Boiling Water Reactor

Now I am going to tell you about the greatest nuclear reactor technology, in my opinion, that we might have today, if the left hadn’’t killed it. It’’s called the Integral Fast Reactor, IFR for short, and it has a fuel efficiency of 99%, the secret to this efficiency it used liquid sodium as a coolant. Why is that important? If you were to think of the fuel of a nuclear reactor as made up of sugar and run water through it you get the idea, the water depletes the fuel at an accelerated rate, while liquid sodium doesn’t. Now any one who’s taken highschool chemistry knows what happens when sodium comes in contact with water, an explosive reaction, I will go into more detail about that later in this article. Now there are several benefits of cooling a reactor with liquid sodium, the traditional water-cooled reactors the core must be maintained at a high pressure to keep the water liquid at high temperatures, while in contrast, the IFR has a liquid metal cooled reactor, the core could operate at close to ambient pressure, dramatically reducing the danger of a loss of coolant accident. The entire reactor core, heat exchanges and primary cooling pumps are immersed in a pool of liquid sodium, making a loss of primary coolant extremely unlikely, and the coolant loops are also designed to allow for cooling through natural convection, meaning that in the case of a power loss or unexpected reactor shutdown, the heat from the reactor core would be sufficient to keep the coolant circulating even if the primary cooling pumps were to fail, this is what caused the Chernobyl disaster.

Now the primary safety disadvantage of using liquid sodium as coolant comes from sodium's chemical reactivity, liquid sodium is extremely flammable and ignites spontaneously on contact with air or water. Leaking sodium pipes could give rise to sodium fires, or explosions if the leaked sodium comes into contact with water, in order to reduce the risk of explosions following a leak of water from the steam turbines, the IFR, had an extra intermediate coolant loop between the reactor and the turbines. The purpose of this loop was to ensure that any explosion following accidental mixing of sodium and turbine water would be limited to the secondary heat exchanger and not pose a risk to the reactor. The requirement of such an extra loop significantly adds to the cost of the reactor, but the cost can be made up in other ways, for example the current controversy you may have heard of is the storing of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, well the IFR reactor produces much less waste than current water cooled reactors, and can even consume the waste of water cooled reactors as fuel. Now the waste products of IFR reactors either have a short half-life, this means that it quickly "burns out" and ends up relatively safe, or a long half-life, which means that they are unlikely to emit a significant amount of protons except from very large quantities. The volume of highly-radioactive waste is 1/20th the volume as compared to a water cooled plant of the same size. The high level waste from reprocessing is highly radioactive for only 400 years instead of 10,000 years. One more by product of this kind of reactor is sodium-24, it is highly radioactive and decays to form magnesium-24, now it’’s half- life is only 15 hours, so its not a long term hazard, indeed it has medical applications, either way it requires the use of the in termediat coolant loop between the reactor and the turbines.

To further anger you I want to give you some additional data, first a rod from a water cooled nuclear power plant stops producing energy after eighteen months or one year and six months, now if that is what one percent produces, what would a more efficient system produce? Just look at it from a basic math problem, if 1% = 18 months, then in theory if you multiply that by 100% you get 1,800 months or 150 years of possible energy that is lost due to the use of an inefficient system. Now is this 100% accurate, I don’t know but my point is important enough to ask the question if we switched the technology just how much more power could we get out of a rod. Also a depleted rod has to be cooled on site, in a cooling pool inside the plant, for several years until it can be safely moved to be stored else where. Also according to the inventor Charles Till of the IFR, no radioactivity will be released under any circumstance, under even very, very unlikely circumstances which would lead to a mess in other reactors, the IFR will not even incur damage.

Now this is the story of how the politicians stopped this technology, the original research on the IFR began in 1984 with the Experimental Breeder Reactor-II, or EBR-II for short, after the election of Bill Clinton in 1992 and the appointment of Hazel O'Leary as the Secretary of Energy, there was pressure from the top to cancel the IFR. Sen. John Kerry (D, MA) and O'Leary led the opposition to the reactor, arguing that it would be a threat to non-proliferation efforts, this isn't true the IFR fuel cycle has some design features that make proliferation more difficult. Eventualy funding for the reactor was slashed, and it was ultimately canceled in 1994 by S.Amdt. 2127 to H.R. 4506. Link to the vote here.

I know this article has been a bit on the technical side but I hope you understand it and will spread the word on our Nuclear Power System.

By Solomon the Wise.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something Disturbing

I’m back, and while I was gone I was working on an idea for something that I have been working on for awhile, and I rediscovered something that gave me one of my lightbulb moments. First I want every one to look at this and think of what it reminds you of,

Most are probably saying the B-2 Spirit, right? Well not exactly this is the Horten Ho XVIII A designed for Nazi Germany’s Amerika Bomber, by the Horten brothers, while it wasn’t built, the war ended before work on it could start, it is something to think about, and incase some of you are saying they could never build something like this, go here Horten Ho 229. The only reason we didn’t face these weapons in the war in Europe was because Hitler and Göring called off aircraft development thinking they had superior technology that wouldn’t be matched for years, a big mistake that worked out for us. Personally I am very disturbed by the number of people who don’t even know when the first operational jet fighters were used and who had the first operational jet fighter in combat, the answers for those who don’t know, WWII, Nazi Germany, and the Me 262. Heck, I didn’t even know about this until I started collecting a series of cards on aircraft about ten years ago, just to show how bad the education system is.

Now the reason I am bringing this up is in advance of an article I am working on US Defense and our military weapons development, the point of this is to scare you in to realizing just what the risks of letting someone else to develop better weapons then us. You are the only ones who can stop the pansy policies of the liberals and progressives.


My Opinion on the Protest of the Tim Tebow Pro Life Ad to air during Super Bowl.

After watching the Pro-Abortion person O'Reilly had on last night(1/26/2010) I think most of us see what this is about, and it is not about choice. What it is about is really about is they can not allow someone to say that abortion in not the only choice, they haven’t even seen it yet and they claim it is offensive. Why? Simple if people see this ad and start thinking that abortion as the liberals and progressives try to portray it is wrong, they have a problem. They have to shutdown the debate before it happens, because if there is a debate they will lose.


The Textbook Controversy.

I recently saw a story on what some wanted to remove from the Texas School Textbooks, and I find my self shaking my head in disbelief at how the liberals and progressives try to change history and American culture. They wanted to remove Independence Day, Veterans’s Day, and Christmas, remove the Liberty Bell as a patriotic symbol, and remove Daniel Boone, Paul Revere and General George Patton from the curriculum. I will be posting something on WWII in a little while today that will make the problem on our education system a little scarier.

The fact that these liberals and progressives continue to try and dismantle the American culture just shows how disturbing this is, in case you are wondering why Texas is important, the Texas schools are one of the biggest buyers of textbooks, and if they make the books more "progressive" the books the other states will follow suite. So make sure that you check your child’s textbooks for liberal and progressive propaganda.

See the story here.


Bill O’Reilly and the recent Supreme Court Decision on free speech.

Last week Bill O’Reilly had a problem with the recent Supreme Court Decision, U.S. Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, where they basically said that corporations have a right to independently place or fund ads for or against a candidate or issue on the ballot. O’Reilly doesn’t want the corporations to be able to speak out or fund ads during an election, but doesn’t he realize just where that would lead, let’s look at the dissenting opinion of this ruling where they wanted to say that corporations don’t have free speech rights, this means that if the Obama wanted to and the ruling had gone the other way he or liberals and progressives might have tried to shut down the conservatives and Foxnews, after all they don’t even consider Foxnews a news network like MSNBC.

So next time you see or hear someone with a similar opinion put them in place.


Filmmaker Who Targeted ACORN Arrested in Alleged Senate Phone Scheme

As most of you may have all ready heard, James O'Keefe, the Filmmaker who exposed ACORN has been Arrested in Alleged Senate Phone Scheme. Now while this may look bad, I don't believe he was up to anything criminal, if anything if I was a democrat I would be a little worried about what he might be on. Just a few minutes ago I had one of those light bulb moments go off on this, assuming that O'Keefe wasn't up to something criminal he is now in a very good position to get whatever he might have been looking for, when (or if) they charge him with a crime he will be able to get whatever he may need for his defence, so if was on the lead of something criminal or damaging to the Dems, he may be in the perfect position to get that evidence now. So if Landrieu had something or was up to something, the Dems and progressives should be very worried right now.

Link to the full story at Foxnews, Here.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Brief Intermission

I will not be able to post anything new for the next couple of days, but I will work on some things to post when I able to get back to the Internet. And don't forget to watch Glenn Beck's show on this Friday the 22nd.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Something for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I few years ago I had to do a book report and did it on Larry Elder's book The Ten Things You Can't Say in America. I don't have the book report but I do still have the book and I recommend you pick it up and read it, the only parts I disagree with are chapters 8 & 9, but that is only a small portion of the book and it's never bad to read the other sides veiw on something. Anyway check out the Book in Martin Luther King, Jr's memory.


Greenhouse Effect and Earth becoming Venus

I am getting sick and tired, of the morons who keep, one comparing Earth and Venus and using the greenhouse effect argument and two saying Earth could become like Venus. First we don’t even know how Venus became the hot planet it is today, heck only a few years ago people thought Venus would be a wet tropical world. Second why does any one let these Greenies go comparing Earth to Venus, something I forgot to mention in my previous Post: Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect, was the difference between Earth to Venus’s magnetic fields. And why is this important? Earth’s strong magnetic field protects us from the solar winds, while Venus's magnetic field is both weaker and smaller (closer to the planet) than Earth's. And Venus also rotates on it’s axis opposite to that of Earth, in what is called a retrograde rotation. I think the best way to look at this is if some group was comparing Earth to Mars in terms of Global Cooling most of us would look at them like they were crazy. The Greenies allies allow them to get away with this stuff and so do the Government Schools who are in cahoots with their agenda. Watch out for this stuff.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Program Watch: Little Ice Age: Big Chill

On Saturday January 23rd 2010 8:00AM EST Little Ice Age: Big Chill will be aired this is something you should watch, especially with your kids. One warning, they do try to do the liberal thing at the very end, about 5-10 minutes but should not be a problem.


More on the Defense of Pat Robertson

Having listened to some more individuals opinions of Pat Robertson’s Statement on Haiti, I think I need to say a few more things about this. Mainly on the God punishing them, first I want to repeat, I do not know if He really is punishing Haiti or it is just a natural occurrence, but many of the people criticizing Robertson seem to have forgotten the Old Testament of the Bible, specifically the plages on Ancient Egypt, the punishment of Sodom & Gomorrah, and Noah’s Flood. While he may be forgiving he also has his limits, and that is something else to remember.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Strange Lava World May Be New Class of Planet

I always like to find a science story like this one check it out, by the way this makes the greens fear of Global Warming look ridicules


Pat Robertson’s Statement on Haiti

For the past three days I have been, thinking over Pat Robertson’s Statement on Haiti, and while I don’t know if he is right or wrong. There is something about Haiti when you compare it to its neighbor the Dominican Republic, or many of the other islands in the Caribbean. The fact is Haiti is in a worst state, even before the earthquake Haiti was not in good shape, oh and one more thing Haiti is on the top three list when it comes to environmental concerns. Something to think about. Anyway Pat Robertson’s statement has legitimacy simply due to Haiti’s History. One more thing, even if you don't believe He interacts with the world we don't know that for sure, I am not saying that every bad thing that happens is by His hand or will, but you never really know, it could have been a natural event or not, only He knows, God not Robertson.

Here's a link to the Pat Robertson statement,

and a related opinion link,

And the White-house's opinion of Pat Robertson’s Statement,


The Union’s Special Deal

A few weeks ago I was arguing with a union person about the value of unions, he had two common statements one you can’t talk about the unions if you have never belonged to one and two the unions have been getting trashed by the corporations and others for years. Now with the revelation of the special favors for unions in healthcare I think the people can clearly see the unions for what they have become today, all about themselves. If the fact that only 9% of non-union workers want to be involved with a union, and seriously what’s stopping them, doesn’t say something, I don’t know what can. Also on the ‘you can’t talk about the union if you have never belonged to it’ argument, I don’t need to experience the Holocaust to know that Hitler & Nazism was a bad idea, or to have lived under Soviet rule to know socialism and communism are bad. This is just more bad news for the American People, from the Obama Administration.


Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect

For some time I have had this thought in my head and I am finally going to get it out. First Global Warming/Climate Change was built on the Greenhouse Effect and compering Earth and Venus, and the best way to destabilize a structure is to damage or destroy its stricture. Now let me go in to some quick details, first I want you to think of something I pretty sure no one else has asked you before, how long is a Venusian day is? Assuming you haven’t already looked it up, it’s 243 Earth days long, that’s 5,832 hours long. Venus is also 25% closer to the sun, and Venus is still volcanically active, more then here on Earth. And then there is the famous clouds we should all know about, which has become the whole point of the Greenhouse Effect argument. The problem is Venus is Venus, and Earth is Earth, Earth has a moon and Venus doesn’t, and if the current moon formation theory is correct, the Earth before was a completely different planet. The Greens have used this argument to build Global Warming/Climate Change on, the problem is that the Greenhouse Effect is one of those things which sounds good on paper but when put in to a scenario of a planet, specifically Earth, it starts to fall apart. With the last few years being colder, and this winter very cold, it makes the Climate Change argument harder for them to make their argument, but it doesn’t stop them. In fact I am working on an article related to something I saw last week, more on that later. Anyway I have made all the points needed, and remember the Greens are really Reds.


Massachusetts Senate Race Tightening

With the new polls out about the Massachusetts Senate Race out, some showing the republican candidate, Scott Brown, now in the lead if he should win, it will be the equivalent of the Red Sea parting with Obama standing in as the pharaoh, and we all know what happened afterwards.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Somthing New and Different 2

I have been working on some stories of my own for a while, and for backstory I have created some Constitution Amendments to explain certain events and things. I would like some conservatives opinion of them, this one is to regulate the Goverment's use of Eminent Domain, I think you might like some of my ideas with this one. I haven't given it an Amendment number or proposed & ratification dates yet, and section 4 would simpley be a must be ratified by so many years or something similar. Also this story is not set on Earth so Confederacy is simply the way we might use US.

Amendment _____: Eminent Domain.
(This amendment was proposed on ________ ______, _______, and ratified on ________ ______, _______.)
Section 1a. The government is forbidden to take one person's property by Eminent Domain or any other government action and transfer it to another for their privet use. with the

Section 1b. When the government does take a person's property for public use without fair payment. The property will be appraised by a third party appraiser agreed to by both sides, if both sides are unable to agreed on a third party appraiser, an independent abertrator will decide on the third party appraiser.

Section 1c. The following are considered public use, roads & highways, public parks, public libraries, schools, post offices, government offices, court houses, police stations, and other public facilities of a similar nature.

Section 2a. When the government does take a person's property for public use it can not be sold to a privet party, until ten years and one day after the issue is settled.

Section 2b. Should the government take a person's property for public use and sell, lease, rent, or give it to another before ten years and one day, the person, corporation, or heirs are entitled to fifty percent of the current value of the property. The government shall not be immune to legal action against it.

Section 3. This article applies to federal, state, and locale governments.

Section 4. __________________________________________________________.


Somthing New and Different

I have been working on some stories of my own for a while, and for backstory I have created some Constitution Amendments to explain certain events and things.
I would like some conservatives opinion of them, the first one is an affirmation of the second amendment, designed so leberals can't even make a ridiculous argumant the people don't have a right to guns. I haven't given it an Amendment number or proposed & ratification dates yet, and section 3 would simpley be an must be ratified by so many years or something similar. Also this story is not set on Earth so Confederacy is simply the way we might use US.

Amendment _____: Gun Rights for Citizens and Legal Residents
(This amendment was proposed on ________ ______, _______, and ratified on ________ ______, _______.)
Section 1. All Citizens and Legal Residents of the Confederacy have the right to keep and bear arms, this shall not be infringed by any part of the government.

Section 2a. The following are forbidden to be owned in the Confederacy by privet individuals in the Territories of the Confederacy, any military combat vehicle, military aircraft, and military naval vessels, or any heavy military grade firearms or full auto fire, or machine guns.

Section 2b. Museums and privet collectors are immune to this section, if they have a permit from the ATF, priced at $25, to be adjusted for inflation, + 1% for each vehicle, aircraft, or vessel in their collection that would be covered by section 2a. All such items that have been either out of service, commission, or have been considered obsolete by the Confederate Military for twenty five years are immune to the 1% addition.

Section 2c. All weapons designated by the Confederate Military as not to be owned by any individual or group will be illegal to own.

Section 3. ___________________________________________________________.


Salt the new Prohibition

This whole issue over Salt, what food is cooked in, and other food additives is getting ridiculous, why is it that the Food Nazi's, Liberal Control Freaks, and the I don't want to pay for the cost's of the 500lb man (or woman) seem to make these ridiculous cases for controlling these things.
If any one has not seen the move Demolition Man or read the book Brave New World you should check them out. Freedom is about more then speech or religion, while I don't like the "alternative lifestyles" I don't want to ban them, I just don't want to give them the special rights they claim to deserve, or have their lifestyle shoved down my throat. Do the food Food Nazi's even realize the diet of people throughout the ages, for most of civilization salt was the only way to preserve food. Even when their ideas enrage the public they just write us off. The Tea Parties are a good start, but the people need to send a message to their local governments as well.
And as to the issue of other peoples lifestyles (at least when it comes to diet), maybe if you stopped listening to the Liberals on Health care and listened to those of us on the Right you might just get It. Lastly look up the Prohibition Era in the US and then apply that to Salt, Sugar, and transfats. (Note, I have a different opinion on the war on drugs compared to that of the Prohibition of Alcohol. I will explain this later.)


The current situation with “Dirty” Harry Reid.

While I have the time I want to give my thoughts on Dirty Harry's current situation with his Obama Comments, while I would love to see him leave because of them, it would be far more dangerous if he did. We don't want to allow the Dems a last minute replacement like they have done in the past. The Democrat's Racist past is "coming home to roost" with any hope, but it will take actual work to change many attitudes in the the black community. While Harry Reid would be a nice trophy if we forced him out, I don't think it is really worth it, though if it damages him so the republican candidate can make a clear win the current debate is worth it.


Update to current situation

Ok, I should be able to start working on my blog soon.
In the meantime try to do what you can to help the victims in Haiti.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Current Situation

I haven’t given up the ghost on this blog, I have just had some issues to deal with including the Holidays. I will be posting some more things soon. For now please try to spread the word.

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