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Welcome to my blog, Solomon's Conservative Wisdom. The name of this blog comes from my middle name and the historical & biblical figure King Solomon. This group is dedicated to conservatism, and I invite all conservatives to join, I really don’t mind non-conservatives joining. All I expect is a respectful debate. So tell everyone you know.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something Disturbing

I’m back, and while I was gone I was working on an idea for something that I have been working on for awhile, and I rediscovered something that gave me one of my lightbulb moments. First I want every one to look at this and think of what it reminds you of,

Most are probably saying the B-2 Spirit, right? Well not exactly this is the Horten Ho XVIII A designed for Nazi Germany’s Amerika Bomber, by the Horten brothers, while it wasn’t built, the war ended before work on it could start, it is something to think about, and incase some of you are saying they could never build something like this, go here Horten Ho 229. The only reason we didn’t face these weapons in the war in Europe was because Hitler and Göring called off aircraft development thinking they had superior technology that wouldn’t be matched for years, a big mistake that worked out for us. Personally I am very disturbed by the number of people who don’t even know when the first operational jet fighters were used and who had the first operational jet fighter in combat, the answers for those who don’t know, WWII, Nazi Germany, and the Me 262. Heck, I didn’t even know about this until I started collecting a series of cards on aircraft about ten years ago, just to show how bad the education system is.

Now the reason I am bringing this up is in advance of an article I am working on US Defense and our military weapons development, the point of this is to scare you in to realizing just what the risks of letting someone else to develop better weapons then us. You are the only ones who can stop the pansy policies of the liberals and progressives.


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